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Eviction for non-payment
of the rent

It is obligation of the tenant to pay the rent to the landlord according to the lease agreement. Non-respect of that rule may lead to eviction of the tenant. If you are a landlord who wants to evict your lessee for non-payment of the rent or for frequent retards in the payment causing you substantial damages, you may want to contact us in order to be represented by one of our lawyers. 

We also represent tenants in the situations where landlords wrongly allege that the tenant makes frequent late payments or where the landlord wrongly alleges that the rent was not paid by the lessee. 

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In addition to representing landlords and tenants in repossession cases, we also provide the following services to our clients : 

  • Consultations

  • Demand letters

  • Representation before the Administrative Housing Tribunal (Tribunal administratif du logement), of both the plaintiffs and the defendants

  • Coaching for upcoming hearings

  • Claims against landlords

  • Claims against tenants

  • Claims for non-payment of rent

  • Applications to modify the lease

  • Claims for rent reduction, pecuniary and moral damages, and punitive damages

  • Claims for relocation indemnity

  • Claims for eviction of tenant after end of lease

  • Requests for repossession of dwelling

  • Notice of abandonment

  • Applications for conversion to divided co-ownership

  • Emergency and repairs

  • Subletting

  • Assignment of lease

  • Conflicts Between Neighbours

  • Excessive noise

  • Harassment

  • Eviction notice for subdivision, substantial enlargement or change of use of a dwelling

  • Authorization of the Administrative Housing Tribunal to carry out necessary repairs

  • Drafting of building rules and by-laws

  • Requests for revocation of judgment

  • Appeals of decisions of the Administrative Housing Tribunal to the Court of Québec

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